MOI Global Best Ideas 2019 - Arquitos Presentation on Westaim

Steven Kiel presented his in-depth investment thesis on Westaim (WED.V) at MOI Global’s Best Ideas 2019.

The presentation can be viewed here: Westaim: Access to Shareholder-Friendly Allocators at Low Price

Westaim is an investment company with two subsidiaries: Houston International Insurance Group (HIIG), a specialty property and casualty insurance company that is up for sale, and Arena Group, a growing credit fund. Westaim as a whole currently trades for 20% below book value. They have a shareholder friendly culture, led by investment veterans originally from the Canadian investment company, Goodwood. In addition to its two current subsidiaries, Westaim is pursuing strategic investments in the financial services industry, providing upside optionality. An investment in Westaim gives you access to good capital allocators at a cheap price with low risk.

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